About Folkets Väder

Folkets Väder is a free web service for anyone interested in weather. You can use it to report the weather where you are – at home or travelling – and read weather reports from around the world.

You can use the service to:

  • Report weather when you are at home or away travelling
  • Share your reports via e-mail, Facebook and other social media
  • Add extra interest to your reports with pictures
  • Provide extra information for people with the same leisure interests as you, such as good waves for windsurfing
  • Read and comment on other people’s reports
  • Communicate with other people interested in weather

Behind the service

Folkets Väder is owned by SMHI (the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute). Folkets Väder is also published via SMHI customer websites.

SMHI’s business concept is to provide help in major and minor decisions in which the weather is a factor.

Advertising on Folkets Väder

Would you like to advertise on one of Sweden’s most interesting weather sites? Contact us at info@folketsvader.se


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Abuse – Reporting abuse

If you see a contribution, receive an e-mail or see an image that breaks any of the above rules, please contact Folkets Väder immediately.

There is a red icon beside every picture and observation/comment, and you can report abuse easily by clicking on this icon.