Folkets Väder rules

To ensure you feel safe and secure at Folkets Väder, we have formulated some rules of conduct which we all comply with. Click here to view the entire document.

Rules of conduct

  • Behave online as you do in daily life
  • Don’t abuse the power you have
  • Take care with your personal identity and integrity
  • Respect the privacy and integrity of others
  • Don’t spread spam and other unwanted material
  • Help to counteract any abuse of the services
  • Don’t forget the person behind the computer

Under Swedish law, anything you publish on the site must not

  • insult another person or accuse them of being criminal
  • be threatening, obscene or offensive in character
  • contain incitement to racial hatred or be in any other way racist or sexist in content
  • contain incitement to hatred towards anyone due to sexual orientation
  • contain criminal descriptions of violence or child pornography
  • violate professional secrecy
  • spread a computer virus
  • breach copyright
  • contain exhortations to commit a crime or in any other way constitute criminal activity

Remember that

  • you are personally responsible for what you write and publish on the site
  • what you publish on the Internet is there forever and may be distributed without your control
  • you are anonymous to other users, but your online identity (IP number) is logged and saved so that you can be traced in the event the rules are broken or in the event of a police report

Other rules


Publication of copyright-protected material is forbidden anywhere on the site. You may not use Folkets Väder for illegal activities or for the distribution of material that is illegal or may be considered offensive, e.g. incitement to racial hatred, harassment or insults due to sexual orientation, or infringe upon copyright-protected material. Nor may you link to sites which are illegal or which contain illegal material. The person issuing the link is responsible for the offence.

Folkets Väder is to be used for private purposes only. All other use of Folkets Väder for – direct or indirect – commercial purposes, such as selling, advertising and market research, constitutes a breach of the terms of use and SMHI, as the owner of Folkets Väder, may sue for damages.

You may not use Folkets Väder as a distribution channel or contact base for commercial messages such as spam, for instance. You may not link to pornographic, racist or other manifestly unsuitable sites. All attempts at hacking or intrusion into the Folkets Väder computer system will be reported to the police. Abuse of Folkets Väder services/functions is absolutely forbidden, for instance harassment or personal insults due to sexual orientation.

Image policy, comments and contributions

All the images you upload, the reports you submit and the comments and contributions you make are covered by the above rules. Folkets Väder reserves the right to remove images, comments and contributions that are illegal, may be considered offensive, insulting or perceived as inappropriate on the site. This shall be decided by Folkets Väder. Bear in mind that anybody can download the images from your observations.

The personal data which Folkets Väder, owned by SMHI, gathers about you in connection with your use of Folkets Väder are necessary for us to administer the site and fulfil our obligations, and otherwise to meet the needs of you, the user.

Folkets Väder reserves the right, free of charge, to publish, grant the right of use and re-use a user’s uploaded material to third parties in all forms of media now known and arising in the future. This means that the user’s material may appear in the media of one of Folkets Väder’s business partners, e.g. tabloid newspapers or online news services, as well as on Folkets Väder and its business partners are entitled to edit the user’s material, while considering the user’s idealistic copyright. Further, the user’s name shall be given in connection with the published material, e.g. images or text. The user must be aware that no payment shall be made for re-use of the user’s material.

Data may also be used to evaluate and decide on the future content and design of Folkets Väder, and for market analyses. The data may also be used to send you information about our services and those of our business partners, after first seeking your consent. We also have a certain duty of information towards government authorities. This means that we must release any data the authorities may request from us. You are also entitled, in writing, to request information from us regarding what details we have of yours and how they are used.


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Alternatively, e-mail

Requests to amend any personal details may also be made to the same addresses.